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Internal Audit

Internal audit may seem to be something that big businesses do and may evoke an irrational apprehension about accountants, income tax and the like.

However, internal audits are helpful for small businesses. The ultimate goal of an internal audit is overall improvement of the business. Therefore, an internal audit is a necessity for any business owner who has his eyes set on business growth.

They can be performed relatively easily without much cost, and the end result is a better understanding of the way your business operates. The more you know about the way your business, regardless of its size, functions, the better your chances of implementing positive changes, maximizing efficiency, and improving employee morale.

Our internal audit service will be cost effective and beneficial by helping you focus on what really matters.

Business Processes

Business Processes  are those which require operational depth that cuts across department silos and are required for the growth of the business and goes beyond mere accounting. These can be tailored to suit your requirement, will be very specific in nature and start yielding immediate results. As an illustration, some of the services that can be offered are as follows :

  • Inventory management (reorder process, dynamic pricing, identification of and strategies to manage slow moving inventory, warehouse management)
  • Receivables management (reviewing credit periods extended, ageing analysis of receivables, follow up mechanisms)
  • Payables and creditors (reviewing credit periods enjoyed, advising on economies of scale, effective utilization of cash float)
  • Assistance in raising debt capital
  • Merchandising of goods in retail stores
  • Business process and workflow enhancements
  • Process automation assistance